The following are answers to some frequently asked questions.  Contact if you do not find your questions below.

How do I open a free iVideon user account?

Click here

How do I start selling cloud surveillance services in my company?

Cloud surveillance services do not compete with your existing electronic security suppliers, but it helps you to generate additional income from subscription services.

  1. You start by filling in the iVideon Partner Application Form.
  2. Buy a cloud camera from Mission Tech.  Contact us for your purchase arrangement.
  3. Undertake a sales training from Mission Tech's technical personnel.
  4. Start life demo of your cloud cameras to clients and friends.

Do you provide technical support for your products and iVideon services?

We pride ourselves on our customer technical support.  We provide phone as well as remote desktop support for all our products.  Please contact us using our Support Page to request for assistance.

When I fill in the iVideon Partner Application form at iVideon Partner Program page, do I register to become an iVideon's Partner or Mission Tech's Partner?

When you fill in the iVideon Partner Application form; you register to become an iVideon Cloud Surveillance Partner and immediately enjoy commission on sales of iVideon services.

Who pays for the commission on the sale of iVideon Cloud Surveillance?

The commission payable on the sale of iVideon Cloud Surveillance services are paid directly by iVideon.

Does iVideon Powered Cameras require a computer or network video recorder to send video to iVideon Cloud?

iVideon powered cameras are fully set up to work independently and do not require a computer or network video recorder to send video to iVideon Cloud.

What types of cameras are compatible with iVideon Cloud Surveillance?

iVideon Cloud Surveillance a compatible with all types of cameras offered by manufacturers, therefore, we are confident that you will find an iVideon powered camera to suit your application.

Can existing installed cameras be set up for iVideon Cloud Surveillance services?

Yes, existing cameras provided they are compatible can be upgraded to work with iVideon Cloud.  On top of the upgrade, a one-off cloud activation fee will be charged.

Can you set up motion detection on a selected area of view on the cloud CCTV cameras?

Yes, iVideon users advance motion analytics detection to detect motion.  Using the iVideon Apple or Android app, you can select the area you want motion detection to work.