How to upgrade iVideon Cloud Surveillance firmware for Dahua IPC-C35

Step 1

Download and install the gDMSS Lite from Andriod app store or iDMSS Lite iPhone app stores.

dahua gsmdss

Step 2

Select the CAMERA icon from the home page

dahua gdmss home

Step 3

Click on the 'drawer symbol' on the top left and select Device Manager

dahua gdmss device manager

Step 4

Click on the symbol to Add Camera

Dahua Gdmss Add Camera

Step 5

Click on Device Initialization to add your camera to your existing wi-fi access point.

dahua gdmss device initialization

Step 6

Click on Wi-Fi Connection and scan the QR code of your camera located on the box or the back of your camera.

dahua gdmss
gdmdss scan qr code

Click Next


Step 7

Enter your Wi-Fi password


Click Next and wait for your device to be initialized and connected to your Wi-Fi access point.

gdmdss_Wi-Fi 1

Step 8

Download and install any network scanner from your Android or Apple app store to scan and determine the IP address of your camera.  We recommend FING - Network Tools.

Fing : Network Tools
Fing : Network Tools
Fing Scanner
Fing Scanner

Step 9

Open any web browser (e.g. IE, Firefox or Chrome) and key in the IP address of your camera on the address bar.  The default ID: admin and Password: admin

Mission Tech Cloud camera login
Default Login ID: admin; Password: admin

Step 10

After login, click on the following:

  1. Setup
  2. System
  3. Upgrade

Then select the firmware that you downloaded from us.

Firmware download: Click here

iVideon Firmware Upgrade

Once the firmware upgrade is successful, click here to proceed to set up your camera to your iVideon account.

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