What are the best FPS settings for optimum IP CCTV cameras performance?

FPS stands for frame-per-second.  FPS defines the video capture speed of a camera.  The lowest FPS to set a camera can be from 1 to 25 fps or higher depending on the type of camera.  The higher the FPS will result in more network bandwidth utilisation.  Therefore for cloud IP CCTV cameras, it is essential to set the FPS to sure its capturing application.

iVideon has an extremely user-friendly and convenient cloud interface that allows the customisation of camera settings over the internet.  An iVideon user can log in to their account and proceed to 'Camera Settings' to setup anything from resolution, bitrate, fps and much more.

iVideon Camera Setting

The goal is to set up the camera to maximise performance while minimising hardware and internet resources.  One should set the fps to ensure that all incidents are captured.

Therefore the question remains as to what is the most suitable FPS setting for a camera?  The following YouTube video provides a comparison of the different FPS settings.  As for my recommendations, I think 12 FPS is ideal!

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